The Power of Words

Words have power. Words are power! Every thought you think is actually a prayer. There is a part of your mind that you may not even be aware of called the subconscious mind.(Click here to learn more about the importance of the subconscious mind.) Within this part of your mind lies the power that shapes your life. If you learn to use it wisely, you can truly have anything in life that you want. If you use it unwisely you will not enjoy your life. It really is as simple as that.

One of the secrets of the subconscious mind is that it can not distinguish who you are talking about when you say the words. If you are making fun of another person, your subconscious mind will think that it is you, you are talking about. And it will try to make those words come true for you. This is great if you are saying good things about other people, but not if you are saying degrading, hurtful things to others. In other words, when you call someone stupid, your subconscious mind says, “Well, I didn’t think he was stupid, but if that’s what he wants, Okay!”

Let me give you two examples. These are true stories.

I had a little boy named Jimmy in science class. Jimmy had been oxygen deprived at birth and had many physical problems. He walked with a limp and his speech was slurred. He was a very happy, sweet natured, little boy. But John liked to pick on him. John would mock his speech and his limp. Of course, I told him to stop. He began to do it when I wasn’t looking, which is much harder to catch. The other students would laugh and he loved the attention. Several years passed and John was a star high school football player. Cute, smart, and athletic, he had it all. One night a college scout was attending the game, specifically to watch John play. Something happened during the game and John was knocked unconsious. He was in a coma for months. Eventually he did recover, but… I bet you know the end of this story already. John was brain damaged, walked with a limp and his words were slurred. Now he will be like little Jimmy for the rest of his life. High price to pay for making fun of someone isn’t it? But John’s subconscious mind could not understand that he was talking about someone else.

The second story isn’t quite as tragic as the first. It involves a girl named Mandy. She was a very pretty, tall and graceful girl. One day we went on a field trip and she stumbled as she got on the bus. I heard her tell someone, “I am so clumsy.” I began to notice that she said those words often. By the end of the school year, that girl couldn’t walk across the room on any given day without stumbling. And she would always say, “I am so clumsy.” She, too, got what her subconscious mind thought she wanted.

So the moral of these stories is to never do or say anything to anyone that you don’t want to happen to yourself! Because if you say it enough, it will. Click here to read a poem about the power of words.

Not only do we need to monitor the types of things we talk about, and never make fun of anyone else, we also need to look at the type of words we say. Everything you think or say needs to be positive and uplifting. This is called the power of positive thinking. Always tell yourself that you can do something, not that you can’t. Even if you don’t believe these positive things you are saying at first, keep at it. The purpose is to eventually convince yourself that these things are true!